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I always talk about having a 'defying moment'. A defying moment is a point in life where you realise what you are currently doing mentally, physically and emotionally needs to change. Everyone comes to this point in life, but the critical outcome lies with your ability to make great decisions. Decisions that will allow your judgement to come to fruition and transform your ultimate fulfilment forever. My moment was the day my father passed away, the day I held his hand for the last time while he gasped his last breath. Moments can create joy and sorrow in an instant, this is why I seek every opportunity to learn and develop no matter what the scenario is, so when I am faced with a moment of deep pain, I can take every possible positive and outweigh all the negatives. With enough leverage you will see why it is critical to see immediate and permanent pain as a chance to learn about yourself. 


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Relentless with Damien Bugeja

Subscribe now to 'Relentless with Damien Bugeja', where he dissects the behaviours, critical thinking and values of relentless leaders. Click the 'Relentless with Damien Bugeja' link to see how to subscribe.





Damien is available for Mentoring and Coaching. Previously working with elite sporting organisations as a mentor, he also has vast amounts of experience as an elite athlete and focuses on the pressures of pursuing this as a career. Damien is expanding this knowledge to all walks of life and industries.



Guest Speaking

Damien is available for Guest Speaking, where he shares his life story and strategies for achieving ultimate fulfilment.

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