'A Burning Desire'

'A Burning Desire' is what all great leaders, entrepreneurs and executives have. It is a cognitive shift in our ability to want rather than need. 'Need' will only lead you to a life of greed, but 'want' will burn a desire to achieve self-fulfillment.

It's funny how circumstances can change your life! The day my father passed away was certainly one of those. This moment was my most painful experience, but the most powerful point in my life. For me, growing up was great, we always went on holidays, food on the table, a roof over our head and an abundance of family and friends to converse with each week. I played all the sports I loved, Football, Soccer, Cricket and Tennis whether it was enrolled in a club, in the backyard or in the street with other kids. We had a ball!

​Life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows and will reward and punish you accordingly. By age 25, I had had endured two shoulder dislocations, two ACL reconstructions and my father passed away from a disease called Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP) which is a clinical condition caused by cancerous cells that produce abundant mucinous cells in the stomach. He was such a great man! I will never forgot what he and my mum have done for my life and the foundations they have set for my success.

Life, now looks very different for me. I see every experience as an opportunity to learn and develop because we can take value out of any ordinary situation and turn it in to the most powerful force of all, self-belief. I always strive to be in control and steer my own wheel of life, and not be dictated to by circumstance, this is the greatest gift we can all achieve, by having that self-fulfilment. This is something which has changed my outlook on life and demonstrates how I deal with challenging situations.


LAUGHTER, JOY, FUN, EXCITMENT, ENTHUSIASM and MOTIVATED are some of the vocabulary I have now permanently added to make me realise we are on this earth for a short period and should act accordingly. If my father can pass away at the age of 52 and many before him can die a lot younger, then there is no excuse for me to live my life in fear of failure, regret or hesitancy. My soul devotion will now be to enrich my life by helping others deal with their own circumstance and use that to drive change in their life.

So, experience only becomes valuable to us once we learn from it and one lesson I have engaged from all the challenges has been to appreciate rather than expect. What I mean by this is to appreciate the people in our life, the resources we have access to, the freedom we live with and the life we live because once this all becomes an expectation, our lives have no meaning.

My soul passion lies with the ability to help people change their lives!​

Damien Bugeja.

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