A Year of Mixed Emotions, Thoughts & Feelings

January 3, 2018

I am writing this blog from a beach house in Phillip Island and there is a sense of calmness about this whole place, from the sound of the ocean to the noise of children playing in the street and I can’t help think that life isn’t so bad after all. The air that I have been breathing in is pure and refreshing and with every breath I take, I become more at peace with the circumstances of life. Today and everyday I have the ability to wake up and make a decision, a decision on what I am going to do today, tomorrow, for the next week or for the next year and that puts me at peace. It gives me a sense of direction and purpose to be bold and make bold decisions. I feel grateful that I have the ability to fail and learn from my mistakes, it allows me to live outside the scope of what I think is possible. Life is not always about living on the edge but living by your goals and morals and being true to yourself. 



The greatest lesson I learnt this year was to be true to myself and live life according to my own goals and morals. I realised pretty early on this year that the moment I live my life to please other people, I can’t be in control of my own thoughts, emotions and feelings. Now, as we head in to the new year and I reflect on 2017, I can’t help believe that it was a year of endless amounts of learning and personal development. Some people may think and have said what a terrible year it has been for our family, but I honestly don’t perceive it to be that way. I truely believe that facing the pressure of this year has not only made us closer as a family, it has made us relentlessly stronger as individuals and helped us appreciate the life we have been given. 


I definitely saw a year of mixed emotions in myself this year, but also in other peoples perception of the past year. I can’t help think that year in and year out we seem to expect that next year will be better. January 1st is always an interesting day on the calendar, while it may be the start of a new year, it is the time of year that we all make promises to ourselves to make a change or make a new years resolution, as its called, but how long do those changes really last. We see it so often, that in theory all these changes seem easy to capture, but once you realise how persistent you have to be, our mindset changes and we fall back in to old habits. Moving in to 2018, I challenge you to make permanent change, set your goals and make them realistic. Don’t set yourself goals which are out of reach and have unrealistic timeframes. We need to swing in to 2018 taking brave action and being bold, create memories and stay adventurous, but most of all, having fun. 


So, I will leave you with this, never think that a new year will magically be a better year, never think that your luck will change. You will need to work tirelessly to turn your luck around and create your own vision for your life, so prepare a winning mindset, a mindset that cannot be defeated.


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