Free of Stress for Peace of Mind

September 26, 2018


'My way of FREEING myself from STRESS and ANXIETY'


‘Stop worrying,' ‘stress less,' ‘fix it tomorrow,' ‘it will go away,' these are all terms that are way to common in an otherwise common society. The quick release or escape from the common issues that hold us down


everyday from pursuing the happiness and ambition we deserve are all too common. I use this word ‘common’ as a reference to the problematic design of issues that we create for ourselves. 

Yes, I did just say, “The problematic design of issues we create for ourselves” because that’s exactly what it is. The human body is only capable of sustaining so much punishment physically, mentally and emotionally, so the preservation of these human aspects should become the number one priority in our life. Our creative and wickedly playful persona is all an intuitive state of mind we create for ourselves, so with this in mind, working hard to create total health should never be higher on your own agenda than now. I tend to wonder how one can create so much stress and anxiety through sheer nonsense, but then I see how great levels of grievance can be so destructive in this manner. Stress and anxiety is found to be, by many doctors and research studies, one of the top causes of most diseases. I remember looking back when my dad was going through his cancer battle and we were seeing doctor after doctor, surgeon after surgeon, the most common question he would receive during consultation would be ‘Do you stress a lot’. At the time I would have been 18-19 years old and it never really registered in my mind why they would be asking this same question constantly. It’s not until I really became self-aware of my own thoughts and emotions that I can fully understand the gravitation and linkage between the battle we had on our hands and the root causes of the disease. I don’t for a second sit back and think this was the sole cause of the disease and nor would I portray that in any scientific fact, but I do think there would be some belief that the dichotomy of the two are closely contrasted more than we think. 


Now when I reflect on my own life and the practices that have scheduled my well-being and development, I find it hard to replicate in other people, nor be able to make them understand. I work tirelessly on having a state of mind that is invincible, it cannot be defeated, it will not be chopped down and certainly will not give up on what I want and deserve. I want to be able to share this with people and hopefully help affect positive change in someones life, so because of this everyday is a constant grind to better my physical, mental and emotional well-being. Below is a break down of a few of the practices I have in place to control my state of mind.




  • 6 days per week training program. Consisting of 3 strength sessions in the gym, 2 running sessions and a boxing session.

  • Well balanced diet, consisting of all the nutrients required to assist my training program and promote growth and well-being. This now consists being on the Keto (Low Carb, High Fat) diet. Energy levels, overall motivation and focus has improved dramatically.

  • Ensuring a steady sleep pattern of 7-8 hours sleep per night, necessary for my age and training regime. Most critical aspect of my physical well-being. 

  • Staying well groomed and manscaped is a vital part of my physical makeup that intertwines with keeping me mentally healthy. This is not being VAIN.



  • Staying focused on what I can control and put all my time and energy in to that focus.

  • Reminding myself that I can good enough, I am strong enough and I am smart enough to succeed.

  • Staying ready for any challenge and being able to shift my focus at the click of my fingers.

  • Educating myself on new and interesting topics to broaden my horizons.

  • Filtering my thoughts on what needs all my attention, some of my attention or none of my attention.


  • Surround myself with the most loving and energy rich people possible.

  • Connecting with people through conversation and story telling.

  • Learning to listen and communicate via body language rather than constantly talking.

  • Continue to be grateful and appreciative of the life I have and the life I will create for myself.

  • Understanding how fortunate I am to have access to opportunity.


So these are just some of the highlights I work on throughout a given day. This is what works for me, but I can almost guarantee that they are translatable across most of society. If you’re feeling like you have let yourself down through some aspect of your life, never forget you can start working on developing and changing your well-being this very second. Plan to execute, don’t plan to fail. Remember the opportunity you have been given in life and the legacy you can leave when you look back on your existence, you will not disappoint yourself, I can assure you of that. 


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